5 Benefits of a Conservatory

outdoor orangery

Surely, we could go on and on about the benefits of conservatories, but instead, we’ll concentrate on five of our favorites.


Natural Light for a healthful life

It is becoming more and more common to see studies that find links between exposure to natural light and improvements in health, happiness, and productivity. We hear tips on the radio about getting daily exposure to natural light that makes for a better night’s sleep. Civilization has built shelters from the storm and comfortable environs for work and play despite the environment and separate from the environment. Darkness conquered, but we may be missing the signals our circadian rhythms require.

Enter the conservatory. If the modern conservatory has a reason for being, it is the celebration of natural light and unification of outside and inside. Right in our very homes, a conservatory shows us that we part of the natural world.


garden doors

a room with a natural view

Of course, there is more to nature than just natural light! Spending time in nature lowers stress, reduces blood pressure, and increases energy. It can increase focus & creativity. Many people say they love nature, but the positive effects it can have in our lives might be undervalued. The national average time people spend outdoors each day is only 5%. Our busy lives can keep us from what we need and desire. Not only is nature beautiful, it is also good for us.


conservatory with a view


practical space

Whether you’re building a new house or adding on to a beloved home, conservatories are as versatile as they are beautiful. Additional space fills many needs, perhaps an expansion of your kitchen and dining areas for a unique entertaining space or a new haven for relaxing amidst your orchid collection. Whatever your needs, a conservatory can do it in a way that other rooms can’t compare. Your glass room could be as conventional as a living or dining room, or a specially designed study, artist’s studio or playroom. Our client’s often find that it becomes the favorite room in the house.


conservatory for entertaining


A Garden FOR life

A love of the garden may bring us to the practical use of a greenhouse. This is a strong tradition that goes back to the original 16th century conservatories, or “orangeries”, which were first used to over winter citrus trees in cold climates. The buildings have evolved from growing spaces for plants to living spaces for people. The modern conservatory doesn’t ignore the plants. Quite the contrary, you can involve as much of the garden as you choose. Perhaps, you keep it at arm’s length, but within view. Right outside your windows, yet immersed in the landscape. Or you may decide to accommodate more plants or to include planting areas for larger exotic vines like the bougainvillea. The conservatory is inspired by the garden, and you can be too.


bougainvillea conservatory


the powerful feeling of uniqueness

When we see something unique, we’re drawn to it. We want to take part and experience that in our everyday lives. A conservatory has that ability to spark something in us that draws us to enter and enjoy its company. For some, the allure may be to create a showpiece for their property. Views from inside and outside can add to curb appeal. Your home reflects you, a conservatory can speak to what you value.


unique conservatory


The benefits you find to a conservatory may be as unique as you are. Truly, there is no doubt that conservatories add more to life than a typical room addition. Conservatories provide more space and uniqueness, health benefits of nature and light exposure, and the ability to shape our environment into our own special gardens.  All of that can be expressed in the extraordinary architecture of the conservatory. Beneficial indeed.

What would you find beneficial about a conservatory? To discuss your conservatory ideas, give us a call at 773-281-1212.

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