5 Conservatories for your Personality and Purpose

forest view conservatory

Conservatories are versatile spaces built with natural light and connection to nature in mind. Their use and personality can reflect your values and desires. Each building can be as unique as its owners. Do any of the conservatories below strike your fancy?

Table for Ten

You love to entertain and create memorable experiences for your guests. Your home welcomes those who enter, and your guests are drawn to the conservatory immediately. Whether catching up or debating the latest news, your table is buzzing with lively conversation enhanced by the unique surroundings. In a conservatory, you create unforgettable moments to cherish with friends and family.

dining room conservatories

Relaxed and Connected to the Outdoors

Home is your haven, where you let all the pressures of everyday life slip away. The conservatory is your getaway. Connecting you to the beauty of nature right in the comforts of home, here you find a place to relax and reflect on what you value.

relaxing conservatories

Room with a View

You make the most of your resources. The surrounding environment and landscape can be more than just observed when inside a conservatory. You become part of the scene, active rather than passive. The conservatory is a place for relaxing, but also taking it all in and planning your next adventure.

conservatories with a view

Eclectic and Artistic

Bright colors and bold shapes speak to you. Bright ideas, imagination and curiosity flourish under the orangery’s glass ceiling and flow of natural light. A conservatory can express your creativity and be an inspiration for it. Write your next novel or create your next masterpiece in the best atmosphere.

artistic conservatories

Curious and Cozy

Whether it’s watching the birds or gazing at the stars, your curious mind is always observing. Fascinated with your environment, you wonder at the beauty all around you. The conservatory provides the perfect place to explore while not going very far. Spot a migrating warbler or wonder at the cosmic beauty of a passing comet.


hobby conservatories


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