Conservatory Design “Must-haves”

outdoor orangeries

Our 5 conservatory must-haves get you started brainstorming the conservatory design process. From basics to the details, our experience can guide you to the best conservatory design for your home.

Connection to the outdoors

It might go without saying, as the existence of the conservatory is based on its connection to the outdoors, but the conservatory offers a unique connection with large spans of glass in the ceiling and side walls. This is key to what makes it such special room and always considered in the conservatory design process.


conservatory design process


Control how much glass you use. You can create an orangery which has a perimeter of solid roof around a central skylight. Other designs incorporate flat roof sections in the center which can be used to control light and height of the building, while others have solid roof sections clad in lead or copper.


solid roof conservatory design

French doors or Folding sliding doors

Most conservatories have access to the surrounding landscape. French doors are the traditional choice. Some designs will use more than one set to maximize access. Others will incorporate folding sliding doors that open up walls completely blurring the lines between indoors and out. The use of more than one set can truly create an indoor/outdoor experience. Folding sliding windows are also a possibility (as shown below), further maximizing the open feeling of the conservatory or orangery.


pool house conservatory

Appropriate Adornments

Choosing decorative elements in the conservatory design process provides an opportunity to make your building special while adding interest and matching your home’s architecture. Whether you’re planning a hardwood or aluminum conservatory, sunroom, pool house or skylight, there are many options to choose.  From ridge cresting and beautiful finials to pilasters and molding, we will create a truly one-of-kind room for you to enjoy year round. Choose from multiple glazing patterns, ogee profile rafters, multiple color options and more. Or if the modern aesthetic is more your style, pare it down to the essentials and skip some of the decorative details.


gable conservatory glazing pattern design

Opening Windows or Vents

Ventilation is important for any space, even more so with a conservatory. Opening windows and roof vents can provide much needed air flow. Vents, more often than not, are motorized and operate by thermostatic controls and rain sensors as well as remote controls or wall switches.


combination conservatory

Your Personal Touches

Decorating is where we get to express our personalities and uniqueness. It’s no different when choosing paint colors and furnishings for our conservatories. We choose our favorite colors or seek to be subtle really allowing the surrounding nature to take center stage. What ever you choose, you will shine through in how you choose to use the room and what you put into it.


blue orangery


We can help guide you to get the most out of your conservatory. You can have the room you’ve always wanted. Let’s discuss the possibilities! Call us at 773-281-1212 or write to us at


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