5 Tips for Decorating a Conservatory

As with any room in your home, decorating a conservatory allows you to express what you enjoy and reflect your personality and values. These 5 ideas explore common ways to incorporate tradition or create a look that is uniquely you.


The conservatory bridges the divide between indoors and out. So it’s no surprise that plants can be a powerful design element in a glass room.

arched window orangery

Tall structural plants can echo height, soften corners and truly bring the feeling of the outdoors in. Topiary plants add a formal flair. Ficus trees find themselves right at home as do citrus like lemon and orange.

conservatory interior

Filling a room with different size plants spreads the natural interest through out the room. Shelved kneewalls provide the perfect place for orchids. Ambitious growers can include bougainvillea vines and train the trailing branches over head to create a unique atmosphere.

bouganvilea conservatory


When choosing the flooring for any room, you really cannot go wrong with a neutral palette. The same is true for decorating a conservatory. Ceramic and stone flooring in shades of cream and beige are by far the most popular choices. Easy to coordinate with any color scheme or changing tastes, this type of flooring also allows for radiant floor heating systems, a common choice for heating conservatories.

conservatory flooring

While some rooms invite the outdoors in, in others we want to create a cozy feeling. Area rugs warm up a space, provide a pop of color, guide furniture arrangements, or just provide the look and feel that ties the room together.

rug for conservatory


Decorating a Conservatory: Modern vs Traditional

Choosing a style for your conservatory decor doesn’t have to be a battle between modern vs traditional. Either style is suited to the conservatory. In fact, you don’t have to choose, mixing of styles is also a great way to create interest in your interiors.

conservatory for plants

Traditionally, many people have chosen to decorate their conservatory as an extension of their garden. Made from natural materials, rattan furniture has been a staple for many years.

modern conservatory

Changing with the fashions, the designs of rattan furniture range from victorian to modern. It’s a classic material that is more versatile than you might think.


kitchen orangery

Decorating a conservatory in an ultra modern style may seem contradictory, but, as we see in this example above, it can be strikingly beautiful. Clean lines and minimalism allow the architecture to shine. The surroundings become the focus and center of attention.

Conservatory Color

The color you choose for decorating a conservatory can have a big impact on the space. Neutrals are always reliable and not likely to go out of fashion any time soon. Beige and creams create a light, airy feel while traditional white is bright and eye-catching.

double orangery

With neutral color choices you have the freedom to choose an accent color. This allows for changes without major investment.

neutral conservatory

Bright forward colors can also be at home in the conservatory. Add variety or evoke a mood, mirror the colors in your landscape or contrast with them. There are so many possibilities.

conservatory with gable entrance

Maybe you are more daring and adventurous? The frame of your conservatory can be any color you choose to create a room that is uniquely you. Color just isn’t for the interior, see more colorful conservatories.

colored conservatory

Fabrics & Upholstery

Sure the prevailing tradition in conservatories is often bringing the outdoors in which often means echoing the furnishings we might find on the patio. But, if you want to have the best of both worlds, a comfy living space and a celebration of nature, you can! Upholstered furnishings offer soft and cozy places to relax.

comfy conservatory

Floral, plaid, stripes, or solid? Leather, fabric or wood? Neutral or Striking? So many  choices! Decorating your conservatory to suit your own tastes and interests is what will make the design successful.

traditional conservatory

From a formal living space to a casual garden sitting room, a conservatory can have many uses. That freedom extends to decorating your conservatory. Create what you love, take chances, and be satisfied in a room that’s all your own.

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