Bay End Conservatory Design

radial glazing pattern conservatory

The Victorian Inspired Bay End Conservatory

The bay end conservatory style lends itself to many variations: tall with a double lantern, wide with a solid flat roof, modern interpretations and Victorian inspirations, even bay end orangeries. Perhaps the most romantic of the conservatory styles. Today, it evokes images of turrets or castles while ornate details accent the windows and frames. Simplified decorations blend with more modern architecture. Our design philosophy revolves around matching your tastes with the original structure to make it look like it’s always been there.

With its roots in nature, the softer angles of the faceted shape create views that can be more immersive and inviting. Indeed, the shape also lends itself to a unique connection type: the ‘glass link’ hallway that leads to the home.¬† Bays on either end and glass on all four sides creates sweeping views of the surroundings.

Get inspired by our collection of the best bay-end conservatory designs with the slide show below! Feel free to call us at 773-281-1212 or email with any questions.


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