Cape Cod Orangery Before & After

orangery lantern roof

English Style and an American Tradition:

The Orangery meets the Cape Cod


orangery boston


This historic New England home has been loved since 1760. Over the years, it has faced many transformations and additions. The latest owners loved their wrap-around porch and french doors for access to the outdoors, but they wanted more. How did they come to a orangery for their Cape Cod home?


cape cod orangery


Conservatories always had an appeal for the homeowners. Open spans of glass and fabulous views. We developed a few conservatory design possibilities, but the enclosed feeling of an orangery clicked. It fits perfectly with what they had in mind.

The orangery now complete, the owners retained most of their porch and gained new indoor living space vitally connected to nature. The orangery provides three walls of windows to take in the surrounding scene. The roof lantern skylight above opens the ceiling to blue sky, trees and clouds above.


new england orangery

Decorative molding fames the skylight opening. Adding these architectural elements add that finishing touch. Some conservatories can be quite ornate, but this simple orangery design suits the pared down style of the Cape Cod home.

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