Aluminum Conservatory with Raised Lantern

The owners of this traditionally styled, but newer home desired a sunroom/conservatory that would complement the home’s architecture, but be as maintenance free as possible.

To meet this need Town & Country used its aluminum system which strongly emulates the details of our traditionally styled hardwood conservatories. The location of the conservatory was also a challenge, but needed to meet the needs of the clients gardening access to the grounds.

The proper scale and proportion to the home was achieved by using a lantern roof, essentially a second roof that surmounts the larger lower roof. This feature is another distinguishing feature from typical sunroom manufacturers and conventionally built additions. In this design the lantern skylight offered the additional benefit of providing good proportions to the impressive side wall heights of the main house. Traditionally styled gutters with an ornate support molding and aluminum pilasters give an immediate impression of quality in the design and fabrication.

Interior detailing was accomplished with the use of fluted profiles on the side posts, much like a hardwood frame and ogee profiled rafters added a feeling of warmth to the interior, as opposed to simple square extrusions.

To further tie the project together with the overall plan of the house, Town & Country provided a matching English Skylight on the roof of a pool house located at the rear of the property.

In the end, the client was quite pleased with the detail, combined with the minimal maintenance required for the powder coated aluminum. She uses the room for starting plants in the winter and then switches to a more formal use for the rest of the year.