Free-standing Garden House

The Owners of this magnificent Montecito, CA estate asked us to help complete their property with an eye toward complementing the rest of the buildings on the estate, particularly the main lawn and reflecting pool.

The conservatory would anchor the opposite side of the Great Lawn, across the reflecting pond from a guest house.

To approach this design, we considered the initial and most frequent view from the stone steps at the top of the pool terrace, but also with an eye toward proportions with the rest of the buildings flanking the Great Lawn. From that vantage point, the conservatory would slowly reveal itself as a viewer moves deeper into the Great Lawn or goes to an overlook at the corner of the property. The view from the guest house would be the most comprehensive view.

Functionally the conservatory would comprise two definable areas:

Firstly, the main conservatory, which offers a multi- purpose area which encompasses the elements of a traditional conservatory design, i.e. glazed sides and a predominantly glass roof.

Secondly a solid wall and roof section at the rear, which would provide access to the restroom/ shower and sauna elements that guests could use.

As for the “look” of the conservatory, two glazing patterns were suggested, each echoing or accenting existing details on the grounds. In addition, we suggested a solid low-lantern roof section. This feature makes the roof more aesthetically interesting and assists in the management of temperature control and offered a convenient location for fans and lighting. The solid roof element, along with the gable also communicates with the central roof and gables of the guest house.