Rectangular Hipped Conservatory with Center Flat Roof

This Italianate style home near the East Gambier historic district in Mt. Vernon, Ohio had an open terrace on the west elevation with expansive outdoor views. The owner wanted to enjoy the views year-round. We were asked to design a conservatory structure that would preserve “open” views, yet be consistent with the house’s distinctive period details.

Adhering to our philosophy that an addition should look as though it were always part of the original house, we included pilasters that matched those on the side portico and front porch canopy. Next, we carefully considered the height of the roof to ensure that a structure on the elevated terrace would not overpower the proportions of the room below.

We used a flat center roof to limit the addition’s height, and hipped the rear roof to avoid removal of an existing oriel window. Matching the pitch of the principal house roof was intended to further the harmony with the host structure. Mimicking the existing terrace fencing along the perimeter of the flat roof and using ornate leaded glass panels over the French doors accented the strong presence of decoration that typifies the Italianate style, while striving not to overly compete with it.