Rectangular Hipped Hardwood Conservatory

We find it very satisfying to “correct” past design mistakes on otherwise beautiful homes. New owners who come to us often have distinct and valuable insights into what they really want on their homes visually and functionally.

In this period suburban New York summer home, the owner wanted to remove an unsightly glass sunroom, but also dramatically increase the size and volume of the space. To accomplish this we carefully considered the attachment to the main house and made significant use of traditional details to tie the conservatory to the main house.

Strongly detailed pilaster columns, inside and out, along with a simple but well coordinated glazing pattern keep the conservatory from overpowering the main house despite its large size. Full height windows keep the conservatory firmly grounded in the relative scale of the main house which has fairly low floors. A knee wall would made the conservatory seem too tall to complement this home. The glazed roof lantern with its electric venting windows compensates for the large fixed side windows and adds understated decoration to the large roof. By not having finials on the lantern, the garden room stays elegant, yet stately, much likes its host.