5 Tips to Design Your Conservatory

Yes, you can design your own conservatory! The tips below can get your started creating your dream space. How will you use the space? You’ve always wanted a conservatory. But do you want to add more living space? Or create an open kitchen plan? Or make a one of a kind show piece for your

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outdoor orangeries

Conservatory Design “Must-haves”

Our 5 conservatory must-haves get you started brainstorming the conservatory design process. From basics to the details, our experience can guide you to the best conservatory design for your home. Connection to the outdoors It might go without saying, as the existence of the conservatory is based on its connection to the outdoors, but the

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Conservatories: Expectations vs. Reality

You love it more than you thought you would Many people come to us and say they’ve always wanted a conservatory. Often, they are ready to take the next step. What they often don’t know is how right they are. So many clients tell us how the conservatory is the favorite room in their home.

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Choosing a Conservatory Style

Custom Designed Conservatory Styles Our goal is a conservatory style that appears as though it is an original part of the adjoining structure or grounds, not an add-on. We also strive to create rooms that you will love to spend time in and reflect your tastes and personality. T+C Conservatories are hand-crafted in hardwood or

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Conservatory vs Orangery

What is the difference between a Conservatory and an Orangery? The essential difference is how the glass roof meets the side walls of the structure.   Conservatory vs Orangery The glass roof meets the side frames at the perimeter of the building in a conservatory. In an orangery style of conservatory, the glass roof is

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House Windows in Conservatory Design

Accommodating Second Story Windows in Your Conservatory Design As in any home addition project, finding the right placement is essential. Our custom conservatory designs consider the factors unique to your home. Accommodations and creative solutions are part of what we do to make your conservatory look as though it was always there. Second story windows

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Choosing Conservatory Glass

In a conservatory, glass choice and climate control are factors to consider. Glass technology has come a long way since the first orangeries of the 16th century. High performance low-E glass options, site orientation, naturally occurring shade, and weather are appropriate to consider when choosing glass. In general, glass uses solar heat gain to advantage

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conservatory with roof shades

Conservatory Pool Houses & Enclosures

Conservatory Pool House Design Essentials Designing a conservatory for a pool house or enclosure has many similarities to other types of conservatories and greenhouses. As in our conservatory home designs, our philosophy is that the conservatory pool house or enclosure should look as though it were always part of the original house or grounds. In

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How to Get Pricing for a Conservatory

Calls and emails about conservatory pricing are quite common. Often, we’re asked the cost per square foot. While we can give a very general ballpark figure for a particular size, each project is unique. A custom designed conservatory built for your home and tastes. It is only possible to properly quote a conservatory with a

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5 Benefits of a Conservatory

Surely, we could go on and on about the benefits of conservatories, but instead, we’ll concentrate on five of our favorites.   Natural Light for a healthful life It is becoming more and more common to see studies that find links between exposure to natural light and improvements in health, happiness, and productivity. We hear tips on the radio

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