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Create a Conservatory with a Skylight

Town & Country Skylights can be used in a variety of projects, but one of the most interesting applications combines conventional construction with a skylight to create an orangery style conservatory inspired room. Benefiting from natural light, sunrooms with skylights take on a new life brimming with originality. If planning a new room addition or

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fireplace conservatory

Gable Conservatory Design

The Versatile Gable Conservatory The gable conservatory is named for the shape of the roof. One side, the “end,” is upright while the other sides are slopped. Known for its uniform simple design, the gable conservatory can be styled to fit many types of architecture. Whether the gable stands on it’s own or is a

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black lab conservatory

Rectangular Conservatory Design

The Reliable Rectangular Conservatory The rectangular hipped conservatory sympathetically matches many homes, whether a traditional older home or a more modern design. In addition, clean lines and a variety of sizes and floor plans make a rectangular designs offer more versatility than other styles. A rectangular conservatory completes an underused courtyard. Free-standing garden house is

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lean-to interior

Lean-to Conservatory Design

The Delightful Lean-to Conservatory Sometimes called an Mediterranean conservatory, the lean-to is one of our most flexible styles of conservatory. In its most simple form, the lean-to has three sides and a roof that pitches back or “leans” to the the house wall. Several conservatory design strategies can be employed to create different looks and

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Hardwood Conservatory Hardware

We offer an outstanding selection of premier door and window conservatory hardware, designed and manufactured exclusively for our conservatories. Finishes include Bronze, Brass, Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel, and Antique Brass   Carefully chosen, our hardware variety enhances our ability to make the conservatory look as though it were part of the house. This color range allows

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radial glazing pattern conservatory

Bay End Conservatory Design

The Victorian Inspired Bay End Conservatory The bay end conservatory style lends itself to many variations: tall with a double lantern, wide with a solid flat roof, modern interpretations and Victorian inspirations, even bay end orangeries. Perhaps the most romantic of the conservatory styles. Today, it evokes images of turrets or castles while ornate details

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curved orangery

Orangery Conservatory Design

What is the difference between and orangery and a conservatory? The shape of the roof is the main difference. First, an orangery will have a flat roof perimeter and a skylight. The conservatory will have a pitched roof that connects directly to the side frames of the building. The orangery actually predates the conservatory. In

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Feature gable detail

Conservatory Glazing Patterns

Finer Points of Conservatory Glazing Patterns Decorative details provide character and style to any conservatory addition, whether you’re planning a sunroom, orangery, or pool house. Windows are the most versatile areas to style and give the conservatory a completely different look. From full height window frames to clerestory or transom windows and feature gables, all

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conservatory plans

Top 5 Tips for Designing a Conservatory

“I would love a conservatory but how do I get started?” Our “Top 5 Tips” offer a great starting point for how to consider a conservatory. 1. DESIGN For most people, adding a conservatory represents the most significant physical change that they will make to their home. There is a hidden designer in all of

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