forest view conservatory

5 Conservatories for your Personality and Purpose

Conservatories are versatile spaces built with natural light and connection to nature in mind. Their use and personality can reflect your values and desires. Each building can be as unique as its owners. Do any of the conservatories below strike your fancy? Table for Ten You love to entertain and create memorable experiences for your

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Luxe magazine conservatory

Creative Conservatory Connections

Conservatory Connections Some conservatory connections stand on their own. Often called links, these conservatories link rooms much like a traditional hallway. The examples above and below stand on their own in spectacular fashion. Useful for connecting two separate areas of the home, these unique structures provide natural light, exciting architectural interest, and a gateway to

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natural finish interior

Natural Sapele Conservatories

The Warmth of Wood – Sapele Conservatories Natural materials and finishes have a warm cozy quality. They speak to the enduring power of nature and fine craftsmanship. Our hardwood sapele conservatories shine with natural finishes. Most of our hardwood conservatory projects have painted interiors.  However, our standard framing material, Sapele, has a beautiful grain pattern

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hardwood courtyard conservatory

Courtyard Conservatory

Spaces made for conservatories Take the courtyard for example. Often times these spaces aren’t utilized to their fullest potential. A courtyard conservatory can create the vital link between indoors and outdoors. Inviting you to partake in the beauty of nature in all seasons.     A courtyard conservatory customized for your unique home Creating the

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Greenhouse Conservatories

Greenhouse Conservatories for Plants and People What makes a greenhouse different from a conservatory? They are both glass rooms, but conservatories will take design aesthetics into careful consideration. Greenhouses tend to have a utilitarian purpose for growing plants. Greenhouse conservatories can be much more detailed and elaborate in their decoration. Many will create a balance

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ballroom conservatory

Traditional Conservatories

For hundreds of years conservatories have inspired us and been a part of our heritage. The traditional conservatory like all traditional architecture maintains a connection to the past. These styles offer the comfort of the familiar and communicate strength and quality. Modern design strives for the new and novel, but traditional conservatories follow the guidelines

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marble kitchen skylight

Skylight Rooms Light Up Your Life

Our English skylights are created with our conservatories in mind. They offer beautiful architectural details while providing the warmth of natural light. Skylight rooms give you the experience of a conservatory on a smaller scale.   Skylights rooms are versatile. They can be a kitchen, dining room, living room, or study. Any room can benefit

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orangery with feature gable

Conservatory Design Combinations

Utilize creative conservatory design combinations for a one of a kind space that fits your home perfectly. You might be surprised how varied our designs can be taking elements from rectangular, gable or bay-end, lean-to, and orangeries. Lean-to Conservatory Design Combinations The simple lean-to style combines easily with other shapes and features. A flat roof

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5 Tips for Decorating a Conservatory

As with any room in your home, decorating a conservatory allows you to express what you enjoy and reflect your personality and values. These 5 ideas explore common ways to incorporate tradition or create a look that is uniquely you. Greenery The conservatory bridges the divide between indoors and out. So it’s no surprise that

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Modern Orangeries

The Orangery Tradition Takes a Modern Turn   What is the difference between a conservatory and an orangery? A conservatory roof is made entirely of glass. The orangery roof is surrounded by solid portions with a skylight at the center. The first orangeries originated in Renaissance Italy. Eventually, they spread through out Europe and to

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