orangery with feature gable

Conservatory Design Combinations

Utilize creative conservatory design combinations for a one of a kind space that fits your home perfectly. You might be surprised how varied our designs can be taking elements from rectangular, gable or bay-end, lean-to, and orangeries. Lean-to Conservatory Design Combinations The simple lean-to style combines easily with other shapes and features. A flat roof

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5 Tips for Decorating a Conservatory

As with any room in your home, decorating a conservatory allows you to express what you enjoy and reflect your personality and values. These 5 ideas explore common ways to incorporate tradition or create a look that is uniquely you. Greenery The conservatory bridges the divide between indoors and out. So it’s no surprise that

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Modern Orangeries

The Orangery Tradition Takes a Modern Turn   What is the difference between a conservatory and an orangery? A conservatory roof is made entirely of glass. The orangery roof is surrounded by solid portions with a skylight at the center. The first orangeries originated in Renaissance Italy. Eventually, they spread through out Europe and to

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The Modern Conservatory

The conservatory is a bold choice. Not your typical room addition, the modern conservatory has grown beyond its horticultural roots. From playrooms to patios, a quiet study to a bustling kitchen, the conservatory can fit so many lifestyles and architectural styles. Contemporary trends are no exception. Our custom conservatory designs provide the freedom to add

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conservatory teahouse

Garden House Conservatory Design

Garden house conservatory design involves many of the same considerations as other conservatory additions. There are some differences. Most notably, the garden house becomes the focal point of the landscape planning. Our designers bring your ideas to life. Create your very own traditional greenhouse or a freestanding garden house immersed in nature. Whatever the intended

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gable skylight

Skylight Photos of Small Spaces

Small Spaces, Big Impact Skylights and conservatories are known for bringing in natural light and the outdoors, but what may be lesser known is the impact that they can have in small spaces. Glass roofs can indeed make narrow spaces feel larger. Light and airy, these rooms connect you to your environment and allow you

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Roof Shades for Conservatories

Conservatory roof shades are the must-have accessory for your must-have room addition. Furthermore, roof shades can control light and temperature, increase privacy, and add style to your favorite space. Available in a variety of fabrics that have the versatility to coordinate with any decor. Conservatory roof shades are the finishing touch that make the conservatory

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historic conservatory

Historic Biltmore Conservatory

Renaissance chateaus in France and England inspired the design of the Biltmore Estate. Typical of the time, the estate features steeply pitched roofs, turrets, and sculptural ornaments. Built by George Vanderbilt and finished in 1895, this Asheville, NC attraction is of special interest for its two conservatory style buildings. The octagonal orangery is truly stunning.

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blue conservatory

Colorful Conservatory Additions

From the original citrus growing orangeries of 16th century Italy to modern day living spaces, usage and styles of conservatory additions have transformed over time. Color is no exception. While white maybe the most common, there are color choices that may speak to your taste or showcase the unique qualities of your project by reflecting

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snowy pool house conservatory

Conservatory Poolhouse for All Seasons

The holidays are times of reflection. Memories are shared as we tell our stories through Christmas letters. We plan the year ahead, positively looking forward for ways to improve our lives. Often resolutions take the form of changing habits or taking up new hobbies. One of the most powerful ways you can impact your life

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