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Conservatory Design “Must-haves”

Our 5 conservatory must-haves get you started brainstorming the conservatory design process. From basics to the details, our experience can guide you to the best conservatory design for your home. Connection to the outdoors It might go without saying, as the existence of the conservatory is based on its connection to the outdoors, but the

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Choosing Conservatory Glass

In a conservatory, glass choice and climate control are factors to consider. Glass technology has come a long way since the first orangeries of the 16th century. High performance low-E glass options, site orientation, naturally occurring shade, and weather are appropriate to consider when choosing glass. In general, glass uses solar heat gain to advantage

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Hardwood Conservatory Hardware

We offer an outstanding selection of premier door and window conservatory hardware, designed and manufactured exclusively for our conservatories. Finishes include Bronze, Brass, Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel, and Antique Brass   Carefully chosen, our hardware variety enhances our ability to make the conservatory look as though it were part of the house. This color range allows

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5 tips for Choosing Conservatory Material – Wood or Aluminum?

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Conservatory Material   Our hardwood conservatories remain the primary design inspiration for all of our conservatories and skylights. However, especially with the detailing that we can offer, aluminum is a close second. We hope to provide you the information on conservatory building material that will help you to

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Conservatory Glazing Patterns

Finer Points of Conservatory Glazing Patterns Decorative details provide character and style to any conservatory addition, whether you’re planning a sunroom, orangery, or pool house. Windows are the most versatile areas to style and give the conservatory a completely different look. From full height window frames to clerestory or transom windows and feature gables, all

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NEAT glass – Conservatory specifications

MAINTENANCE FREE GLASS! Well, not exactly, but NEAT glass does make a difference in clarity, and conservatory glass will stay cleaner longer. How Does it work? NEAT glass uses a special coating so that the window will stay cleaner longer. It is hydrophilic instead of hydrophobic. Instead of forming droplets, water forms sheets. Un-coated glass

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Roof Shades for Conservatories

Conservatory roof shades are the must-have accessory for your must-have room addition. Furthermore, roof shades can control light and temperature, increase privacy, and add style to your favorite space. Available in a variety of fabrics that have the versatility to coordinate with any decor. Conservatory roof shades are the finishing touch that make the conservatory

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Conservatory Folding Sliding Doors

Conservatory folding sliding doors open up the room and provide new views. They offer the opportunity to introduce generous width and height openings within a given elevation, uninterrupted by framing. French doors have long been the popular choice for conservatories, but design and technology have advanced new choices for windows and doors. Folding sliding doors

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Conservatory Designs – Roof Options

Flat, Solid or Clad – Conservatory designs offer versatility Our conservatory designs can be customized with a variety of roof options, both aesthetic and functional. Flat sections, solid portions, cladding, raised lanterns, and alternate colors are among the design strategies we can draw upon to make your conservatory suit your needs and blend with the attaching

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