Choosing a Conservatory Style

bougainvillea in conservatory

Custom Designed Conservatory Styles

Our goal is a conservatory style that appears as though it is an original part of the adjoining structure or grounds, not an add-on.

We also strive to create rooms that you will love to spend time in and reflect your tastes and personality. T+C Conservatories are hand-crafted in hardwood or aluminum. Either can be custom-sized and emulate the details of a range of architectural styles from Victorian to contemporary.

We can develop a design and price with basic information and photos provided by you, your design professional, or from our site visit. The design drawings illustrate how the conservatory will blend with and enhance your home and its surroundings.

Start choosing your conservatory style by reviewing the options below.

Conservatory or Orangery?

The essential difference is how the glass roof meets the side walls of the structure.

conservatory vs orangery roofs

The glass roof meets the side frames at the perimeter of the building in a conservatory. In an orangery style of conservatory, the glass roof is set back from the side walls creating a solid section of roof around the perimeter.

Orangeries can help with connections to the main structure. Furthermore, they have a more enclosed feeling while still connecting with the outdoors.

Rectangular Hipped

Rectangular hipped conservatories are probably the most versatile shape of them all. All of our work is custom. You can change roof pitch to match or compliment your home. You can add decorative gable entrances or transom window patterns. Each additional touch lends that unique quality that makes the custom conservatory your own.

oak conservatory


The gable end conservatory style offers the perfect opportunity to get creative with the glazing patterns. As shown below the sunburst is a popular choice. Gothic styles are also very popular. Decorative moldings show the craftsmanship and attention to detail lending elegance to those finishing touches.

gable conservatory


The bay-end conservatory is a wonderful choice. Gracefully, the faceted bays provide a panoramic feeling to the space deeply connected to nature.They make the glass room seem even bigger than it is.

blue bay end conservatory


The lean-to conservatory style has a straight forward connection to the home. It’s perfect for fitting under second story windows or meeting the eave of the roof. Combine the lean-to with the gable creates height and interest, as shown below.

lean-to conservatory with gable

Whichever style strikes your fancy, we can guide you through the design process. From selection to design, manufacture to installation, we have got you covered.

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Rectangular Hipped