Conservatories: Expectations vs. Reality

You love it more than you thought you would

Many people come to us and say they’ve always wanted a conservatory. Often, they are ready to take the next step. What they often don’t know is how right they are. So many clients tell us how the conservatory is the favorite room in their home.


dining room conservatories

Year round wonder

You may expect that you will enjoy your conservatory two or three seasons of the year. But, you can have year round enjoyment. In the winter you may be surprised at how catching a beautiful sunny day can uplift your spirits. From the comfort of a conservatory, one appreciates the dormant beauty of winter. Summer too, one might think a glass room would become too warm, but with high performance glass or in some cases roof shades, a conservatory can be just as comfortable and inviting during the summer as the spring and fall.


dining room conservatories

Endless possibilities

Many clients opt to create a living or dining room with their conservatory, but there is no rule book that says the conservatory can’t be any room you choose. From a child’s playroom to a home office, the natural light and airiness will inspire focus and creativity. The bold might even decide on a one of a kind guest bedroom, but end up spending many nights there themselves. Exposure to natural light makes for better sleep and balance circadian rhythms.  If you are health conscious, perhaps you would make your conservatory into a home gym and get the added vitamin D benefits.

A cozy breakfast room or a kitchen are slightly more common options. Just one more reason for people to be drawn to the kitchen, but as you will find all guests want to hang out in the conservatory, no matter what room it is. A game room might be the perfect place to have fun and create a memorable experience for your guests.


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