Conservatory Comfort

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Power of our Surroundings

In these uncertain times of Covid and quarantine, many are finding themselves seeking solace at home. Conservatory comfort in this day and age is a reminder of the ways we can empower ourselves and find calm in the midst of chaos. Our surroundings have the power to uplift and soothe.

We’re redefining nesting with hours of Netflix with our loved ones or finding ways to reset and recharge in our own homes. Many suggest getting out into nature for relaxation and to relieve the anxieties that plague life today. Conservatories have a powerful effect, connecting us with nature but maintaining the comfort of home. Connected to the outdoors but protected from any weather.

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Mood Boosting Sunlight

Natural light is shown not only to boost our mood, but it also can improve sleep which in turn helps our immune system. The conservatory naturally draws you in, asks you to bask in the sunlight. Nature boosts our mood as well. Bringing the garden in and watching it grow can take our mind of other matters.

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Place for Quiet Reflection

Conservatories are sanctuaries perfect for mindfulness and meditation.It is a place where you can take in the world around you, pause and reflect. Where is no need to hurry and you can take a moment for yourself.

dining room conservatories

Multipurpose Possibilities

Typically, conservatories are living or dining spaces. But a conservatory could easily be a playroom, classroom, office, or a space for exercise. Imagine a session of yoga with the rising sun or a conference call while watching the rain. It could even be a space where different activities are planned at different times of day.

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