Conservatory Designs – Roof Options

conservatory with balcony

Flat, Solid or Clad – Conservatory designs offer versatility

Our conservatory designs can be customized with a variety of roof options, both aesthetic and functional. Flat sections, solid portions, cladding, raised lanterns, and alternate colors are among the design strategies we can draw upon to make your conservatory suit your needs and blend with the attaching structure.

  • A flat roof can accommodate 2nd story windows.
  • Can a conservatory have a solid roof? Yes, solid portions can limit the amount of light for southern facing buildings or to create a location for lighting or AC vents.
  • A raised lantern can create a space with dramatic height.
  • Copper cladding offers a striking aesthetic that changes over time.
  • A contrasting roof color can compliment your home and conservatory.

We work with you or your design professional to create a conservatory that shows off your home. Call us today to discuss your ideas, 773-281-1212.