Conservatory Folding Sliding Doors

t shaped conservatory

Conservatory folding sliding doors open up the room and provide new views. They offer the opportunity to introduce generous width and height openings within a given elevation, uninterrupted by framing. French doors have long been the popular choice for conservatories, but design and technology have advanced new choices for windows and doors. Folding sliding doors change the way we experience the room and the transitions from indoors to out.


Conservatory design offers individual choice in opening arrangements and multiples of doors. Folding sliding doors create a seamless flow between the conservatory and the outdoors, offering a perception of greater space and allowing wider access to the garden.

Our folding doors match the same level of quality and refinement that you would expect of all Town & Country conservatories. Custom designed and made in aluminum or hardwood, our doors are factory pre-assembled and pre-hung. Standard finishes and custom colors available. AAMA 2603 or 2605 finishes and premium hardware with coastal finishes are available in aluminum.

Furthermore, windows also have this folding sliding option. This creates an unparalleled openness for your conservatory blurring the line from indoors and out. View these windows in action in the video below.