Conservatory vs Orangery

What is the difference between
a Conservatory and an Orangery?

The essential difference is how the glass roof meets the side walls of the structure.

conservatory vs orangery roofs

Conservatory vs Orangery

The glass roof meets the side frames at the perimeter of the building in a conservatory. In an orangery style of conservatory, the glass roof is set back from the side walls creating a solid section of roof around the perimeter.

In our orangery designs, the solid section is sloped to pre-designed locations for drainage. It is never flat, but the slope is concealed by a decorative parapet at the eave.


conservatory vs orangery interiors

Interior soffits are created with the setback of the roof glass. This part of the roof is often used for lighting, air-conditioning or to reduce glass area for more sun control. Orangery styles offer additional flexibility in attachment to homes with overhanging eaves, or can also provide access to the roof for balconies or decks and can easily turn corners or fit into unusual spaces.


conservatory vs orangery exteriors


Conservatory vs Orangery? Who wins? They are both unique but different. The orangery is an exciting form of conservatory that Town & Country has been building for nearly 30 years. If we’ve sparked your interest to do more, we’re happy to work with you on a design or with your architect. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project, or 773-281-1212

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