Gable Conservatory Before and After

An Underused Patio Gets a New Life as a Gable Conservatory

The owners of this Milwaukee home wanted to really take advantage of what their home had to offer. The covered patio was a wonderful and unique part of their property, but it was hardly used most of the year. A gable conservatory offered the perfect solution, year round use and a direct connection to the landscape.

before covered patio

Echoing the original architecture of the covered patio, this gable conservatory maintains the distinguishing features of the building’s shape and arch. The archway is simulated with a radial glazing pattern in the gable and pilasters gracing the sides of the full height windows. Gables and clerestories offer the perfect place to add unique touches to your conservatory. Along with our standard patterns, we can create custom designs like this gable arch design that reflects the spirit of the original building.

conservatory gable glazing pattern

The details shown with carved moldings, relief panels, and pilasters. They speak to the traditional detailing found in the architecture of the home. Traditional elements stand the test of time and exemplify the care taken in this conservatories design. Each part harmonizes with the whole.

before front elevation

What was once only a fair weather retreat has now been transformed for pleasure all year round. The exciting new addition also adds a special element to the front elevation of the home. A conservatory not only increases the enjoyment of your home but also creates a memorable impression for all who visit.


after gable conservatory

With careful planning, the conservatory now looks as though it were always part of the original home design. Curb appeal and a more living space offer more enjoyment than the underused patio.

after conservatory

Underused covered patios and courtyards can be revamped into spaces that become the favorite room in your home. To learn more about our designs and process feel free to contact us at 773-281-1212. Or Order Our Brochure to learn more about our products.