Gable Conservatory Design

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The Versatile Gable Conservatory

The gable conservatory is named for the shape of the roof. One side, the “end,” is upright while the other sides are slopped. Known for its uniform simple design, the gable conservatory can be styled to fit many types of architecture.

Whether the gable stands on it’s own or is a feature gable with a hipped roof, it offers a unique opportunity to play with window tracery patterns. Sunburst patterns are very popular, yet nearly any pattern can be applied. The glazing patterns can be created in applied lead, simulated divided lite, or true divided lite.

The best gable conservatories have been collected in the slide show below to help you explore what this style has to offer. Inspired? Feel free to call us at 773-281-1212 or email with any questions.


Explore the different conservatory styles:

Rectangular Hipped