Garden House Conservatory Design

conservatory teahouse

Garden house conservatory design involves many of the same considerations as other conservatory additions. There are some differences. Most notably, the garden house becomes the focal point of the landscape planning.

Our designers bring your ideas to life. Create your very own traditional greenhouse or a freestanding garden house immersed in nature. Whatever the intended use, we can create conservatory designs that suit your needs.

freestanding greenhouse


As in a well-considered conservatory design, the scale and proportions of the Garden House are vitally important. There is considerably more flexibility in the size and shape of a Garden House. It can be Rectangular Hipped,  Rectangular Gable, Bay-End, or an Orangery style. Nonetheless, care should be taken to avoid features or a size that is not complementary to the principal structures on the site.

We consider all the features of your home and grounds. Whether a small plot or a country estate, we can create or recommend a Garden House that complements your property.

As with all of our conservatories and skylights, we can build in hardwood or aluminum.

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