Greenhouse Conservatories

Greenhouse Conservatories for Plants and People

What makes a greenhouse different from a conservatory? They are both glass rooms, but conservatories will take design aesthetics into careful consideration. Greenhouses tend to have a utilitarian purpose for growing plants. Greenhouse conservatories can be much more detailed and elaborate in their decoration. Many will create a balance between living and growing space.


greenhouse conservatory


Generally, a greenhouse is typically considered a plant specific place, but you can decide how much of your greenhouse conservatory is dedicated to plants. The best of both worlds or a home solely for the propagation of plants, it is up to you.


aluminum greenhouse


In growing spaces like a “working” greenhouse, aluminum is the building material of choice and the top choice for maintenance. Aluminum greenhouse conservatories are tolerant of high moisture and mold resistant. Modern aluminum technology allows for many details that emulate the details of hardwood. Ogee profile rafters, molded base panels, fluting, crown molding, and decorative glazing patterns create the look for which conservatories are known.


garden conservatory


However, note that hardwood greenhouse conservatories are also an attractive possibility. Special greenhouse paint can be specified for hardwood interiors. Create a show piece living space filled with plants. Elaborate designs suit hardwood construction which is capable of exceptional detail.


conservatory fountain


Your conservatory can be a free standing garden room structure or a more traditional home addition.  A spa enclosure surrounded by plants seems like the perfect getaway. Create a natural retreat with a living room surrounded by orchids and bouganvilla. Perhaps, a dedicated growing room to feed your gardening obsession during the colder months. Greenhouse conservatories can suit so many purposes and desires. Their magic lies in their connectedness to the outdoors and the tradition of growing plants indoors. You can have it all.

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