House Windows in Conservatory Design

bay-end with flat roof

Accommodating Second Story Windows
in Your Conservatory Design

As in any home addition project, finding the right placement is essential. Our custom conservatory designs consider the factors unique to your home. Accommodations and creative solutions are part of what we do to make your conservatory look as though it was always there. Second story windows in conservatory design may seem like a obstacle, but there are definitely a number of workarounds.

Lean-to Conservatory Designs

The basic lean-to conservatory has three sides and a roof that “leans” back to the house wall. This style naturally fits under second floor windows. The angle or pitch of the roof can be adjusted allowing for an unobstructed view.

windows in conservatory design

We can combine the lean-to with other conservatory styles, like the gable. These increase the internal height of the room and make it feel even larger. The gable is also an opportunity to add glazing patterns that can strengthen the unity with your home or add that extra decorative touch.

lean-to conservatory below windows

Variable Conservatory Roof Pitch

Because all of our designs are custom, we can vary the roof pitch of any conservatory style. While the lean-to is one of the more popular solutions, this bay-end conservatory shows how we are not limited to one solution.

bay-end conservatory

Creating Distance

We can also create distance between the connection to the home and the conservatory. This technique can involve a link, which is basically a glazed hallway connecting the house to the main conservatory room.

arched window orangery

Orangeries can also create distance. Sloped box gutters surround the skylight portion. Varying the width of these flat roof portions provides distance away from the house. The roof pitches of orangeries typically aren’t as steep as their conservatory counterparts. This lends even more flexibility when dealing with second floor windows.

classical orangery

Flat Roof Conservatory Designs

When maximum height is desired, flat roof designs offer an alternative. The flat roof section includes sloped box gutters and allows for increased roof pitch while providing the ability to stay under second floor windows.

solid roof conservatory below windows

The material of the solid roof portion varies by conservatory material. In hardwood buildings, either tongue and groove boarding or drywall lines the interior. Aluminum solid roofs use one-piece insulated panels with metal cladding.

flat roof orangery

Flat roof conservatory designs also offer a convenient location for lights, fans or hvac outlets.

flat roof conservatory

As you can see windows in conservatory design are not a problem at all. Our custom designs allow us to blend your addition, enhancing it seamlessly while staying true to the original.

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