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saudi conservatory

Building International Conservatory Projects Across the Globe


A Desert Oasis in Saudi Arabia

In its first venture into the Middle East, Town & Country Conservatories completed a large international conservatory enclosure on the twenty thousand square foot home of a Saudi telecommunications executive. The home has a large courtyard facing a pool that is at the foot of an expansive green area at the rear of an enclosed compound. The Owner wanted to enclose the entire courtyard with glass in a somewhat contemporary design, but with traditional accents.


conservatory rendering

Executing any international conservatory project requires extensive site checking and research of local construction techniques, architectural practices, labor force and equipment. Town & Country sent a team of four experienced installers whose biggest challenge was the heat, even in January, the coolest month of the year in Jeddah.

Due to the tall walls that typically surround residences in Middle Eastern countries, the challenge of getting the containerized building and a crane into the secluded courtyard was the first hurdle. The Owner made short work of the challenge by simply cutting a hole in the perimeter wall for the crane and container.


conservatory corbels

To retain some traditional details of Town & Country’s trademark structures, large decorative corbels line the eave of the structure, echoing the extensive presence of shaped clay tiles on the adjoining roofs. The final design has nearly 5000 square feet of glazed living space. High-performance commercial grade Low-E glass was included with the pre-fabricated structure.

In addition to period detailing the building features a large expanse of folding stacking doors that open on to the pool deck and an internal mezzanine level at the back of the courtyard.  The frame finish was done in a fade-resistant 70% flouropolymer finish chosen for resistance to degradation from the sun and ever present very fine sand in the local atmosphere.

conservatory pool courtyard

A Pool Enclosure in New Zealand

Clients often ask how Town & Country has been able to complete designs and installations across North America and beyond. We have a thoughtful, streamlined process of design, production and installation. It allows us to work with any client, regardless of location. International conservatories benefit from the same detail and consideration as our domestic projects.

poolenclosure drawing

Undertaking a project for New Zealand’s pre-eminent superyacht renovator was a test. Our nearly 27 years of experience proved a testament to completing this project successfully.

Weather and maintenance can keep you from using your pool its full advantage. The Owner wished to solve that and enclose a pool behind his traditional styled Auckland area home. The design was a collaboration working from our extensive library of past designs and projects.


pool enclosure conservatory exterior

The pool enclosure featured a number of standard details for pool enclosures. This includes high-performance finishes, coastal finish hardware, moisture resistant roof vent openers. The high-performance insulated glass was also sent with the building.

The feature gable at the principal elevation faced the main house, offering an inviting transition to the main house.


interior pool house enclosure


The Owner, who has worked for some of the most demanding clients in the world was thrilled with the outcome:

James, Credit must go to your manufacturing crew for the most professional packing job. Absolutely no breakages occurred through shipping. The project is all coming together as your people have planned it. It is a pleasure to follow the sequence, and part numbers, and everything fits perfectly. I was counting on this, when I made my judgement call to work with Town & Country.


pool house gable


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