Modern Orangeries

The Orangery Tradition Takes a Modern Turn


What is the difference between a conservatory and an orangery?

A conservatory roof is made entirely of glass. The orangery roof is surrounded by solid portions with a skylight at the center.

The first orangeries originated in Renaissance Italy. Eventually, they spread through out Europe and to the United States. Over time, the use of orangeries and conservatories has shifted away from horticultural uses. Contemporary tastes have influenced their style as well. Our designers can create a room that suits you, your home, and your modern sensibilities. Your modern orangery could be a study, an open plan kitchen, dining area and living room. Or any other space where you can enjoy the connection to the outdoors.


modern orangeries

What makes a modern orangery?

Many traditional orangeries and conservatories feature a brick or stone knee wall. Modern orangeries often feature full height windows creating unobstructed views. Glazing patterns are left out or kept to simple linear patterns. Decoration is kept minimal, letting the expanses of glass take the stage.


modern folding sliding doors

Where french doors are more traditional, modern orangeries often feature folding sliding doors. This dramatic open expanse can change our perceptions of indoor and outdoor space. The environment is let in and showcased uniquely.


modern kitchen


Modern orangeries are streamlined and geometric.Characterized by limited decoration, added elements do not overwhelm or compete for attention. Furnishings often take on this aesthetic as well.


modern orangery design

Furnishings can have a powerful impact. The modern and traditional can even combine to pleasing effect. Traditional damask patterns make a bold statement in the modern lines of the upholstered furnishings. Natural light compliments any decor, even a bold black and white color palate. The light draws you in and invites you to stay.

contemporary orangery

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