NEAT glass – Conservatory specifications

conservatory vista

MAINTENANCE FREE GLASS! Well, not exactly, but NEAT glass does make a difference in clarity, and conservatory glass will stay cleaner longer.

How Does it work?

NEAT glass uses a special coating so that the window will stay cleaner longer. It is hydrophilic instead of hydrophobic. Instead of forming droplets, water forms sheets. Un-coated glass surfaces that are hydrophobic permit water to bead and to dry in place. This leaves minerals behind and the telltale water spot . The sheeting action of NEAT allows dirt to rinse form the glass surface rather than sit and stain.

glass droplets

The coating becomes active and hydrophilic after the neat coated surface receives radiation from UV light. The UV radiation can be from direct or indirect sunlight. Even if first exposure to UV light is on cloudy days or with north facing windows. The coating will  still work, but more time will be needed for activation vs being exposed to direct sunlight.