Orangery Conservatory Design

curved orangery

What is the difference between and orangery and a conservatory?

The shape of the roof is the main difference. First, an orangery will have a flat roof perimeter and a skylight. The conservatory will have a pitched roof that connects directly to the side frames of the building.

The orangery actually predates the conservatory. In the 16th century, these early greenhouses were constructed to overwinter citrus trees, hence the name orangery. Since then, technology advanced and full glass roof conservatories boomed in popularity, but the orangery design has endured.

orangery roof

Versatility is one of the reasons orangeries are rising in popularity. Like the conservatory, an orangery bathes the room in natural light and the combination of solid and glazed wall sections provides additional shade in summer and a greater feeling of enclosure in winter. Practically, the construction lends itself to practical applications such as lighting, hvac outlets.

An orangery can bring light into any kind of room: kitchen, study, dining or living space. The design often solves issues with connection to the existing building. Turn an under used courtyard into a light filled haven, or create a one of a kind free-standing garden room.

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