Aluminum Conservatory Enclosure

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

In this Middle East aluminum conservatory project, Town & Country Conservatories completed a large conservatory enclosure for a Saudi telecommunications executive who needed an impressive area for guests in his 20,000 square foot residence. The resort like location has a large courtyard facing a pool that is at the foot of an expansive green area in the enclosed compound.

Execution of the project required extensive site checking and research of local construction techniques, architectural practices, labor force and equipment, even though the building was pre-assembled in North America. High-performance U.S. made Low-E glass was an essential component of the project. Town & Country sent a team of four experienced installers, who completed the project in two phases.

In addition to period detailing of this aluminum conservatory, the building features a large expanse of folding stacking doors that open on to the pool deck and an internal mezzanine level at the back of the courtyard. The frame finish was done in a 20 year warranted 70% flouropolymer finish chosen for resistance to degradation from the sun and ever present very fine sand in the local atmosphere