Layout and Mounting Styles

Single-bay, Multi-bay, Roman-fold & Roller

Most shades can be mounted in an individual bay or multi-bay layout. Single bay shades are placed between the rafters. Multi-bay formats operate below the rafters.

Roller-mounted shades operate on pull cords, similar to U.S. vertical blinds, usually in a multi-bay style. They can be mounted with or without a metal roll covering cassette. In Town & Country conservatories, a decorative timber cover molding is usually standard. For other conservatories, care must be taken to ensure that there is enough space between the top of the window frame and the underside of the rafters to allow space for the cassettes or moldings.

Roman-folds operate by sliding up or down a pair of tensioned guide wires at either side of the shade. They are pushed up and down by a hand pole, or can be motorized with a wireless remote control.

Conservatory shades can be mounted at the eave, ridge, or a combination of the two. Eave mounting offers an unobstructed view of conservatory when the shades are located at the base of the roof and in the open position. However, some roof shapes require ridge mounting. Conservatories with valleys create shapes with multiple angles. These shades need at least one 90 degree angle to be operable. Valley shades normally mount at the ridge. For some shapes, there is a slight fanning effect when ridge mounted shades extend into a valley. The wider the shade, the bigger the fan “tail”.