Pinoleum Fabric

Woven Wood Slat Design

Made in France and Italy, pinoleum is our most luxurious fabric. Available in matchstick or mini-flat format, the woven timber reed fabric has a rich quality. UV resistant cotton and polyester thread is used to weave the fabric while the sides are bound with matching cotton edge tape that resists fading. Pinoleum filters, but does not completely block the sunlight. Pinoleum conservatory shades can also have a heat reflective coating on the exterior if a greater degree sun reflectance is desired. The reflective coating also lengthens the life of the shades.

Pinoleum conservatory shades can be roller-mounted in limited lengths, but a Roman-fold is more typical. In conservatories without a clerestory (transom) level, care must be taken to ensure that the folds will fit in the space between the top of our concealed insect screen housing and the underside of the rafters. The length and fold size of the shade controls the dimension, but a minimum of 5 inches of clearance is needed for a fold and the mounting bar.

Pinoleum roof blinds can have a natural or painted finish including custom colors. Natural finishes are susceptible to darkening from sunlight.

Note: A high humidity environment may not be ideal for this fabric, because of the possibility of mold and mildew.