Specialty Fabrics

For High Humidity Environments

Moisture-laden, high stress environments such as pool enclosures are best served by special commercial grade fabrics that are mold and mildew resistant while still offering exceptional thermal and shading performance with a pleasing aesthetic appearance. Acoustical properties are also important with some fabrics offering reflected sound reduction properties.

Our preferred suppliers for these fabrics are European manufacturers with extensive experience in balancing these characteristics with appearance. These fabrics are either in opaque or mesh formats.

In short runs roller mounting is possible, but a Roman fold format is more typical and more pleasing in appearance. Single bay and multi-bay layouts are possible, but roof bay width will typically limit multi-bay configurations to not more than two bays, especially if the run lengths are long. These fabrics typically have solar reflective coatings on the exterior side that reduce solar gain and prolong the life of the conservatory shades.