Luxury Greenhouses

Conservatories and orangeries provide a pleasing and inviting environment for year-round living and entertaining with the option of having a considerable array of plants and flowers. For clients who prefer similar quality and style in a year-round space, but want to dedicate it strictly to growing space, Wintergarden serves that desire.

Explore our Wintergarden luxury greenhouses today and elevate your gardening experience to new heights.

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Wintergarden is the dedicated greenhouse division of Town & Country Conservatories. We specialize in building functional, upscale greenhouses that emphasize aesthetics, year-round use and quality. From well-insulated thermally broken frames to high-performance insulated Low-E or greenhouse glass, you can maintain a successful consistent growing temperature.

Our luxury greenhouses feature the elaborate architectural details of our conservatories and like conservatories can be attached to homes, businesses, or public spaces, or be built as free-standing garden houses. They are “ working” greenhouses, for plants, fruits, vegetables and tropicals.

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