Pool Conservatories

Create an elegant outdoor getaway garden house or turn an outdoor pool into an indoor natatorium with glass pool enclosures and pool houses that look and feel authentic to your original property. Whether you use your new pool house for recreation, outdoor dining, or relaxing with friends and family, Town & Country creates a structure that brings your vision to life.

From glass pool enclosures to pool houses and garden rooms, call us at (773) 281-1212 for professional designs and pricing.

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What do you need to know about Pool Houses and Pool Enclosures?

Whether a lap pool attached to your home or an Olympic masterpiece, additional features and amenities should be considered.

A high-quality heating/cooling system and adequate ventilation are essential to control humidity and condensation which can create unsightly fogging on the glass and damage to the insulated glass units.

Whether a pool enclosure or pool house, an attached service building to house HVAC and amenities is also a consideration. Bathrooms may be required by code. A provision for a small kitchen and changing rooms are very convenient for entertaining. We can suggest an integrated service structure in our comprehensive design.


In addition to the conservatory, the pool itself will be a key component of cost. Consider size, shape, maintenance and favorite use. If you have active swimmers in the family, you may prefer length over shape. If you merely want a place to cool off or entertain, or want a more interesting interior, curved shapes, spas and other features become more appealing. We can customize our design and its features according to your budget and your desires.


We strongly recommend aluminum for pool enclosures due to the high humidity environment, however, we can build hardwood enclosures using an abundance of synthetic or specially treated wood materials.

Thanks to our custom-tailored details, we can enhance our aluminum buildings with traditional conservatory features such as ogee profile rafters, ornate gutters, rake moldings and pilasters complete with capital and base.


Engineering is an essential part of the design process ensure that our structure will meet local building code requirements.

Wind and snow loads differ in all parts of the world. Some areas have seismic requirements or unusual coastal conditions that exceed the requirements of a typical inland location.

Our engineers will consult the International Building Code ( IBC) to establish baseline structural requirements . We can provide structural engineering calculations for local permit authorities or engineers to review.

In hurricane or typhoon locations, IBC Coastal codes require high-wind load capacity sometimes with impact-resistant glazing.

One of our first priorities is to assess your local requirements to see how the engineering will affect the design.


Our standard glass specification is insulated (thermopane) units, tempered (toughened) in both leafs and usually having an overall thickness of one inch. . Laminated(safety) glass, impact-resistant glass and other specialty glass are also available, chosen or recommended for their thermal or cooling properties.

High-performance Low-E is standard. This glass has a high visible light ratio while offering better insulation and shading coefficients compared to standard Low-E glass. The standard glass specification can be upgraded with a variety of options tailored to your location.

We work with your HVAC mechanical engineer to arrive at the best combination for your design requirements.

Cooling and humidity control are essential in any region of the world while condensation (on the glass) is an increased consideration in colder climates. Aluminum building frames feature concealed weep systems in the roof and side frames.


Once your design and price have been agreed, your Pool House or Pool Enclosure Conservatory will be custom-manufactured to the drawings that you have approved, and an installation date agreed upon. We will coordinate with your base work builder and pool contractor to ensure that the work is carefully coordinated and timed to flow smoothly. We do not ship the conservatory until it is ready for erection.

Because major portions of the building are pre-assembled in our workshops for accuracy, the installation time is reduced. Most installations will take 2-3 weeks for the primary construction, longer for larger buildings.

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