Commercial Conservatories

Our commercial conservatories, skylights, and sunrooms add elegance and practicality to your building or grounds. Liven up common areas and give your clients an exciting year-round experience. Whether we’re working directly with your organization or with an expert design and architectural firm, we will manufacture a new addition that dramatically complements your business.

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Ideal characteristics of a commercial conservatory designed for commercial purposes such as hotels, restaurants, or event venues varies depending on the specific requirements and objectives of your business. However, here are some key characteristics that are often desirable:

  1. Size and Space:
    • A commercial conservatory should provide ample space to comfortably accommodate a significant number of people. It should be designed to accommodate dining tables, seating arrangements, or event setups, depending on the intended use.
    • The size of the conservatory should be proportional to the overall size and capacity of the commercial establishment.
  2. Structural Design:
    • The conservatory should have an aesthetically pleasing design that complements the overall architecture and style of the commercial establishment.
    • It will feature a durable and robust construction, capable of withstanding various weather conditions and providing year-round use.
    • The use of glass allows abundant natural light, creating an open and inviting atmosphere.
  3. Climate Control:
    • An effective climate control system is essential for maintaining comfortable temperatures within the conservatory throughout the year.
    • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems should be properly integrated to ensure adequate heating, cooling, and ventilation as needed.
  4. Lighting:
    • T&C conservatories are designed to maximize natural lighting during the day, creating a bright and airy ambiance, while also considering solar heat gain and heat loss.
  5. Accessibility and Flow:
    • The layout of the commercial conservatory should allow for easy circulation and movement of staff and guests.
    • Adequate entrances and exits should be provided to ensure smooth traffic flow and emergency access.
    • Consideration is given to accessibility features, with ADA rated thresholds provided as needed.
  6. Functionality:
    • The commercial conservatory should be versatile and adaptable to different uses and events.
    • The layout and design should allow for flexible arrangements of furniture, equipment, and decorations to cater to various occasions.
  7. Acoustic Considerations:
    • Depending on the intended use, acoustic treatments may be necessary to control noise levels within the conservatory. This can be accomplished by varying the thickness of layers of glass to break-up sound waves.
  8. Amenities:
    • Additional amenities such as restrooms, a bar area, or storage facilities will be considered, depending on the specific requirements of the commercial establishment.

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