Natural Sapele Conservatories

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The Warmth of Wood – Sapele Conservatories

Natural materials and finishes have a warm cozy quality. They speak to the enduring power of nature and fine craftsmanship. Our hardwood sapele conservatories shine with natural finishes.

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Most of our hardwood conservatory projects have painted interiors.  However, our standard framing material, Sapele, has a beautiful grain pattern that offers a stunning natural finish. The brown reddish tones offer a bold richness complimenting many interiors while contrasting with the exterior views and creating a unique frame of your surroundings.

natural finish conservatory

Sapele is an African hardwood that is often confused with Mahogany, but it is actually a distinct species. The heartwood of Sapele ranges in color from that of American Mahogany to a dark reddish brown. The texture of the wood is very fine. The grain patterns are generally consistent, but as part of an order we grain and color select to achieve consistency on the interior side of the framing.  (We do not recommend a natural finish Sapele on the exterior due to weathering)

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In general, staining will darken the wood. We recommend using only a low-pigment stain or an oil finish for natural finish sapele conservatories.  We can recommend products and finishing instructions to your contractor.

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Strength and Beauty

Sapele has other compelling characteristics. It is stronger than Honduran Mahogany and has structural properties generally superior to White Oak.   It is often used for furniture and cabinet work, further attesting to its appealing characteristics of strength and beauty.

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Sapele also has good paint adhesion properties and good workability for the fine detailing in our frames. It also finishes and glues well. The combination of those qualities is why we use Sapele even though more costly than other hardwoods.

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Whatever your color and style preference, we are can design and specify to your requirements, along with our recommendations, or work with your architect or designer.


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