The Modern Conservatory

The conservatory is a bold choice. Not your typical room addition, the modern conservatory has grown beyond its horticultural roots. From playrooms to patios, a quiet study to a bustling kitchen, the conservatory can fit so many lifestyles and architectural styles. Contemporary trends are no exception.

modern conservatory

Our custom conservatory designs provide the freedom to add or remove ornamentation, to change roof pitches, to create balance and symmetry with window placement. For this ultra modern home, the simple pared down approach has been taken. The conservatory becomes another block in the shifting arrangement of materials. Glass, metal, concrete and wood find unity in design.


oak kitchen conservatory

Modern design doesn’t have to be void of details. Take this kitchen conservatory for example. At first glance, it looks sparsely decorated. Yet, there are still traditional elements like ogee profile rafters and decorative molding. The sleek modern kitchen and decor bring the conservatory to the 21st century and prove it’s enduring versatile nature.

oak kitchen conservatory

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